Magic Mirrors Make All The Difference

Mirrors make an amazing difference to a home in subtle ways. The obvious two are light and space. If you place a mirror opposite a window it will reflect the light. Put it so it can reflect the light fixture and double its light.

In a small space a mirror can double to apparent space and make a small room feel more spacious.

Using reflective glass well offers more possibilities than you think, and there are a lot more options from the glass itself than you ever knew existed. Working with a specialist at mirror projects san rafael ca will help you choose perfectly.

More than just a looking glass

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In the bathroom the mirror is mostly functional. We know what it does and why it is there. It needs to be well lit, accessible and functional.

Beyond the functional mirrors have lots more to offer. Think back to the time you and your bestie caught yourselves in a joke mirror and you laughed till you cried.

Or that mirror you saw that simply stood on the floor and was more like a piece of artwork than it was a mirror.

Colored mirrors

Using a colored mirror can add interest and change the quality of reflected light in a room. A colored mirror could add the only color interest into a room that is predominantly monochromatic. The reflective nature of the mirror still works, it’s the color of the backing that has changed.

Mirror finishes

If you want to create a specific look for a room, then adding a finish to the glass might be the way. If your room is ‘shabby-chic’ for example adding a mirror with a frame and an antiqued, distressed finish creates the atmosphere perfectly.

Here’s looking at you kid!